Daihan Scientific Digital Ultra-Low Temp. Freezer SWUF Series

DAIHAN Digital Ultra-Low Temp. Freezer, Upright-type, “SWUF”, -86℃~-65℃, with Certi. & Traceability
with Smart-LabTM System, SHFSTM, Non-Freon Refrigerants, Automatic Vacuum Releasing System, 308 -/393-/503-/714-Lit.

with Certificate & Traceability : Controlled by Serial Number,
Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
■ Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing System can freezes down to -86℃
: realize robust and long life time.
■ CE & RoHS Certified
■ PL(Product Liability) Insurance
 Ergonomic 7″Full Touch Screen TFT LCD(Smart-LabTM Controller)
 WiReTM App & Web Service. 􀓈 Storage Management Function
 Self-Diagnostic Function 􀓈 Automatic Data Recording
 Internet Connectivity with WiFi
 Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing System can freeze down to -86℃
: realize robust and long life time.
 Automatic Vacuum Breaker - Easy to re-open the Door.
 Robust & Flexible design of Door Handle
 Easy Monitoring and Control - Eye level Controller
 CFC-free Refrigerants are used 􀓈 External Temp. Sensor Hole
 Use of Block Condenser removes filter and causes of related failure.
 Filter-free Mechanism lowers heat generated by the compressor
 Easy Maintenance and Improved Performance
 High-quality Insulation Panel and Inner Doors ensure defrosting around outer surface.
 Built in Standard Warning and Alarm Functions
 RS232 Communication Link and a Remote Control Software are supported

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