Phytotechnology Glass Bead Sterilizer ERGOSTERI VT™, 110 V

ErgoSteri VT™
PhytoTechnology Laboratories is pleased to introduce their new ErgoSteri™ glass bead sterilizer. This unique unit features a slanted bead well that is more ergonomically friendly than convention units that are vertical. Another important feature is a digital temperature controller that is adjustable between 110 and 350° C. Most units on the market today feature either factory preset temperatures that cannot be changed, or analog knobs that make it difficult to set an exact temperature. The only other digital model, the Steripot brand, has a very limited temp range (250 to 275° C).
The ErgoSteri™ was designed with quality and accurate temperature maintenance in mind. The unit is manufactured and assembled in the USA, and the digital temperature controller allows for accurate temperature adjustments within a broad range. The construction of the unit allows for easy maintenance and care-free operation; however, PhytoTech offers a one-year warranty on parts & labor should a problem be encountered. And since all manufacturing and assembly are performed in the USA PhytoTech can offer a quick turnaround if any unit should require warranty work.
The ErgoSteri™ heats fast, reading a stable 200° C in under 20 minutes. PhytoTech’s unique design also prohibits glass beads from sliding into any other part of the unit other than the bead well making filling and emptying much easier.

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